Thursday, October 18, 2012

How civil rights and parental rights are violated by same-sex "marriage."

Sexual behavior cannot honestly be compared to race, a persons skin color is morally benign; it is neither good nor bad.  The word "gay" describes a social group and a behavior.  "Gay people"= social group.  "Gay person"= someone that engages in a perverted, sinful life.

Wherever same-sex "marriage" is legalized, those who refuse to participate, are punished and persecuted.  Redefining marriage ends religious freedom, and I have the right to defend my freedom to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Dear "NOM comments," I asked you if you had posted comments here before under another name. You ignored my question, therefore your comments will not be posted. If you next comment does not directly answer my question, I will no longer even read your comments. Also, words are not stones, and your sexual ACTIVITIES are an abomination to God.

  2. I did answer and I replied that I had posted just one other comment under this name, and have never posted under another name.

    And "gasp", you "stones" could be metaphorical!

    But hey, if you don't want to post fair rhetoric criticizing your position, that's fine. I wouldn't expect anything less from a NOMbie.

  3. Don't come at me with attitude. State your facts. If you try to manipulate me through my emotions, I will remove you from my life. You're going to have to restate your previous points. If I find out you are the Portland heckler, I'm going to ask my Lord to punish you for your deceit.

  4. Dear mantronikk,

    another story has emerged in the Washington State gay marriage saga, with a gay activists getting disorderly and hateful with a woman with a sign on her car, kicking the car, tearing up the sign, then calling a bystander who intervened (a pregnant black female) a n***er, and pushing her. Well...they got him! He rushed off, but they got his liscence plate and made an arrest. But more importantly, the police dept there is showing encouraging signs of condemnation and not molly-coddling him because he's gay. It is imperative that you and I and others contact that police dept and D.A. to resist pressures to not pursue prosecution from powerful lgbt groups, who unquestionably will come to his aid. We need to make an example out of this man, and remind the gay activist community we're not going to take their harrassment anymore. Full story here:

  5. Thanks Ronnie. I saw the story. I really appreciate your info and links. Plaes keep them coming.


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