Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homofascists aren't after children?

This is what is in the mind of some, if not most gays.  THEY, not you, will tell your children how to feel about homosexuality.  Homofascists won't hesitate to violate the parental rights of a heterosexual. 


  1. I love this argument, Mantronikk. You want to be able to tell your children what to think about a minority. George Wallace would be proud of you standing up for your right to tell your children what's wrong and what's right. Fred Phelps would, too.

  2. Don't you know the difference between a racial minority and a sexual minority? George Wallace persecuted people for the color of their skin, I walk away from people for certain sexual behaviors. To compare me to George Wallace and Fred Phelps is an insult. Didn't I already tell you to come at me with facts? You had better start paying closer attention to what I tell you. Also, I've denounced Fred Phelps LONG ago.


    I've also denounced the tactics of his church in the second-to-the-last paragraph here...



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