Thursday, October 11, 2012

Marriage redefinition bigotry at Gallaudet University.

The marriage-redefinition-bigots are at it again with their, support- same-sex -“marriage”-or-else mindset. What happened to this world? How did people develop the desire to punish those of us who believe in God’s, one-man-one-woman definition of marriage? Compassion for gays means ignoring what God says? This is why, in my private life, I have no conversation for marriage redefiners.

“..Dr. Angela McCaskill has the distinction of being the first deaf black woman to receive a PhD from Gallaudet University, …teacher, administrator and leader for twenty-three years.

Today she was summarily put on administrative leave while university officials "determine her future" at Gallaudet. Why? Because it was brought to their attention that she signed the petition to allow the people of Maryland to vote on same-sex marriage!

No one is safe when marriage is redefined. The architects of same-sex marriage are bent on silencing and firing those who oppose their agenda. The irony of a university putting its own chief diversity officer on leave—a woman who by all accounts has served the institution with distinction for over two decades—simply because she chose to exercise her rights as a citizen, cannot be ignored. …”

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  1. Mantronix,

    As a pro-family warrior, I must admit to a noticiable nuance within my web browsing that's never been there before.

    I searched within the (very obscure) name of my home city for my extremely-obscure last name, and the top search result, for the first time I've ever used the internet, was my first-and-last-name. Those sharing my the exact spelling of my first and last name in the United States can be counted on one hand. Literally. I'm very preturbed by this glitch, as I know that some higher authority has taken focus upon my internet activity.

    1. But that will fluctuate as time goes by. If you write long enough, your name will always come up first in future, identical searches.

      I remember the day I created he word "heteroseparatist," and did a Google search, and saw, "Word not found." Then, about a year later, polluted definitions of heteroseparatist would come up first. Now, because of all of my blog posts, (1040+) the false definitions of my word have been eclipsed. At least so far.

      You are a true heteroactivist and I value your input and information.


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