Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The GLBT's community's desire to violate parental civil rights.

I can fully understand and support a gay child's desire to live a harassment free life. But what I can not understand is the glbt community's desire to normalize homosexuality to children in grade school, WITHOUT the consent of that child's parent or parent's.  Some people think that homosexuality is wrong and their parental civil rights should be respected. 

Anti-bullying classes can be taught to children without glorifying sexually deviant actions. And NOTHING concerning sexual activities should be taught to children without the full knowledge and consent of that child's parents. Without a doubt, the glbt community wants to bypass parental consent to teach children that homosexuality is a normal thing. This is wrong. Sexual behavior is not morally benign like skin color. Sex education should be renamed "reproductive" education, in order to prevent the parental-civil-rights-violating recruitment efforts of the glbt community. 

Anyone who wishes to bypass parental consent when it comes to teaching children about sexual matters is cut from the same cloth as a child-molester.

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