Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear NOM comments. (update)

Okay "NOM comments," here's what's going to happen.

You and I are going to talk here and only here on THIS post until I say otherwise.  I've noticed that you drop a subject and attack from another post whenever I corner you on a point-of-logic, so I'm containing you here.

I will guarantee you that I will post all of your comments, that do not contain profanity, and that only you and I will talk here.  But, if you sidestep or ignore my questions, you're not going to be posting here anymore.

Since I have been responding to your questions and accusations, without ignoring or sidestepping ANYTHING that you've come at me with... I'm going to go first this time.  (Strap in.  It's going to be a bumpy ride.)

My first question is:  Do you think that Christian parents should have the right to exclude their children from classes where homosexual acts are discussed?  (And I'm not talking about the mere mention of homosexuals in "anti-bullying" classes.) 


  1. Parents absolutely have the right to opt their children out of sex education and teach children themselves about sex education. Christian parents aren't exclusive here, any parent, regardless of religion, has a right to teach their children about sexual education.

    However, "homosexual acts" is a very LOOSE term, one I'm sure you're plenty fond of ;)

    Where do you stand on teaching LGBT history in public schools?

  2. Your answer is insufficient. I asked what do YOU think... And drop the attitude. The " I'm sure you're plenty fond of ;).." was unnecessarily snarky, and this is the third time that I've warned you about ad hominem attacks. Your answer was too grey area. You did not say what YOU thought. You only stated what parental rights are at this time.

  3. 1. Your last two comments came AFTER this challenge where I clearly stated your posts were going to held until we were done here.

    2. You have ignored the conditions for posting here, concerning attitude and ad hominem attacks. You have come at me for the fifth time, with attitude, by you comment, "I guess your pedestial is too high."

    3. I'm disappointed that we couldn't have a long productive exchange, but I do not bluff, and you are now banned here. Now you can go start your own blog to oppose mine.

  4. My grand inquiry to all homosexuals is, what is the exact definition of a "homophobe"? I know the exact definition of a racist. Of an anti-Semite. Of a misogynist - traits often compared to homophobia.

    I personally know that there is no defintiion of a homophobe - except that grey-area, blanket definition of someone who is critical to gay activism. Unfortunately, that definition hasn't the emotionally-charged rhetoric to encite empathy-mongering for the bleeding hearts.

    1. But Ronnie, if the glbt community were to put their propaganda in writing, time would erode the philosophy of homosexuality. I'm happy to put the definitions of heteroseparatism, heteroactivism, heteroadvocacy, and genderealism in writing because I know that time will prove me right. These four concepts come from the eternal Word of God. Nothing that comes from the glbt community comes from God, and, therefore, will not last.

  5. Mantronic, you have a superb, needful blog. I never knew such a resource was available until I found yours and all the links therein.
    With all due respect, I wish to take exception with part of your statement (Oct. 25, 2012 2:42 PM).
    "...definitions of heteroseparatism... these four concepts come from the eternal word of God." Numbers two, three and four are not in debate, however, I believe your personal stance of separatism is not biblical. How will these poor souls hear the Truth if we remain separated from them?
    Or, perhaps I do not get your full meaning. Some of my homosexual acquaintances are absolutely and totally repugnant to me, but I tolerate their presence in an effort to be salt and light. I have never seen anything come to fruition, but I feel I must make an effort.
    On the other hand, if they claim to be Christian and openly practice, condone or support homosexual behavior, they are "making Him (God) out to be a liar," (1 John 1:10) and are to be separated from the Body.
    Just my two cents worth...

    1. Russ, I will interact with the glbt community to share the Gospel, but, after x amount of effort, I fade away.

      I explained my reasons for my separatism at the beginning and end of my manifesto.

      I was viciously attackd by homofascists, but I will share the gospel with a non-hostile member of the glbt community.


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