Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Anti-bullying" means homoindoctrination.

Is unfettered access to other people's children essential to the glbt community? It sure seems so. Whenever I find myself in a debate with a homofascist, and I ask them about speaking to a child without the consent of that child's parents, more and more gays and people that worship gay people, are starting to admit their intent to trample the civil rights of parents that don't support the glbt community. I really think that the power of the glbt community has peaked and is now on the downslide due to the civil rights violations perpetrated by the glbt community.

“...showing naked men graphically sodomizing one another - included as “resource material” in an “anti-bullying” initiative for Vancouver’s schools - are “really inappropriate,” says a trustee.

Trustee Ken Denike’s criticism of the Out in Schools program (OIS) comes after parents complained that Burnaby schools were duped into supporting it as an “anti-bullying” initiative when in fact the program is nothing other than a “scam” by “sex activists” to “sexualize students” and “lure” them into “homosexualist culture.”

“I thought it was really inappropriate, especially for a 13-year-old,” ...”

Complete article here.

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