Thursday, October 27, 2011


An eleven year old girl is sitting at an empty dinner table with two men and two women. Her name is Emma, and she is sobbing uncontrollably.

“I JUST WANT A FAMILY!!” she screams, and continues to cry.

“We are your family Emma,” says Anna. Then Anna’s lesbian partner Betty chimes in and says...

“Anna and I are your family Emma.”

Emma sobs louder, and lowers her head into her arms on the table at which they are sitting. Emma knows what a real family is but she is powerless against the adults at the table, and she hates the control they have over her life.

“Hold on there Betty,” says Charles. “David and I are Emma’s family.”

“Yes we are,” David chimes in.

David and Charles are in a sexual relationship with each other. But Charles and Anna are the biological parents, through invitro fertilization, of Emma and her younger sister Francis.

Betty, who is six feet tall and 280lbs, stands up out of her chair and, with an angry expression on her face and her fists on her hips, bellows at both Charles and David saying, “You SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!!!”

Charles and David fall silent with astonishment and fright on both of their faces as Emma continues crying.

“Emma,” Betty says, in a much calmer and softer voice. “Anna and I are your true family. Men are not necessary for a family. We don’t need them to be happy.”

Emma then looks up at Betty and says, “But my friend Gina has a mom and a dad. And they love her. And she’s so happy. And lots of my friends have a mom and a dad. Why can’t I have a mom and a dad? Am I being punished? Did I do something wrong? Is God mad at me?

“Those people are just intolerant Emma,” says Anna.

“And there is no God,” says Betty, who is still standing.

Emma lowers her head into her arms and begins to sob again. Seeing this, Charles gathers up his courage, rises to his feet, and yells at Betty.

“You are NOT taking my daughter away from me!!”

Betty draws back and punches Charles in his jaw. He flies backward and falls on the floor where he lies motionless. Anna screams as David sits paralyzed with fear.

Emma runs crying to the bedroom she shares with her sister, closes the door behind her, and leaps onto their bed. Her little sister Francis, who is only seven years old, comes to comfort her on the bed.

“It’s okay Emma,” Francis says. “When we grow up we’ll have husbands so our babies can have a mom and a dad.”

Emma and Francis cry softly in their bedroom as the muffled sounds of arguing adults leak through the bedroom door.

Do you think that this story is implausible? Click here.

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