Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Chillicothe case.

Concerning this story, a reader named Ronnie MacCallister writes...

"...Out of chillicothe ohio, gay activists have a juicy, grand opportunity to cherrypick details of a news story where a gay kid got himself in hot water by surruptitiously photographing other students, got found out, and one of them beat him up over it.
He was posting their photos on his facebook, adding sexual comments about the boys, and one of those boys retaliated from his damaged reputation and humiliation.

THe local stories are painting the beaten gay student as a hapless, oppressed, innocent victim. That gay students assailant did indeed post a nasty comment himself "..faggot" and that facebook post is the only thing the news stories will acknowledge.
The news stories are trying to say that the assailant acted on homophobia alone, and that this was simply a hate crime.

Google chillicothe gazette. ..."

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