Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Challenge for "Randomguy"

Dear "Randomguy,"

Do you have the guts to talk to me one-on-one? We can talk here, just you and I. I guarantee a one-on-one meeting. Are you game? Are you man enough? Do you have what it takes to meet me here?

As of 2327hrs on Tue. 06 Sept. 2011, I promise before my Lord Jesus Christ, that I will post all of my opponent's comments, on this string, until 0001hrs on Tue. 13 Sept. 2011, that do not contain profanity. I make this promise to prove that he cannot fight me fairly.

UPDATE: At 0153hrs (Wed.), Randomguy declines my challenge, despite my promise before the eternally glorious Jesus Christ. :)

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