Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christian parents' rights outlawed in California's public schools.

As of today, with Governor Jerry Brown's signing of SB 48 into law, a parent who has a child in the public school system in California, can NOT exclude their child from a class in which homosexuality is portrayed as a normal sexual activity.

The violation of the parental rights of those who don't support the sexual activities of the glbt community is now legal in California's public schools.

Also, it is now illegal to say anything "negative" about homosexuality in California's public school system. This very blog is now illegal in California's public schools. A Bible is now illegal in CA's schools. Quoting scripture from the Bible that tells the truth about homosexual sin is now illegal in Homofornia's public schools. Is the word,"heteroseparatist," now illegal in the Golden State's public schools too?

Who can deny that SB 48 violates the parental rights of those who don't support the sexual activities of the glbt community? Is there anyone out there who is so crazy that they think that this legal trampling of the civil rights of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim parents is a good thing?

Today, 14 July 2011, homofascism has been embraced by California's government. My supporting info is here. <---The 6000+ comments on this story that were 96% pro-hetero were removed by the San Francisco-based (go figure!) software company DISQUS.

(Info on home-schooling is here.)


  1. @Lenny

    Do you celebrate the trampling of the civil parental rights of Christian parents?

  2. What rights are being trampled? Christain parents can still tell their children what they belive in. No one's rights are being trampled.

  3. @Lenny

    Parents do NOT get the option of being notified beforehand when the lessons that glorify homosexuality are going to be taught so that they can keep their children home that day. THAT violates their civil right to supervise their child's education.

    Do you support the school's practice of NOT notifying parents before these anti-hetero lessons?


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