Thursday, July 21, 2011

Move over Vaughn Walker.

<----Lesbian Judge Barbara Lenk is off to a bad start. She wasn't even a State Supreme Court Judge for a week before lending the prestige of her office to anti-hetero activism.

"...Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Justice Barbara Lenk, widely heralded as the first openly "gay" judge on the state's top court, spoke at a homosexual advocacy group's fundraiser only two days after her confirmation, a move some critics are saying is a clear violation of (see page 8) judicial ethics. ..."


  1. Sorry this is off topic, but I was wondering why you have booted Lenny? He answered your questions. You obviously don't agree with his opinions, but why stiffle the conversation? Is this a blog only open for comment by your minions or those with whom you personally agree? Conversation is a good thing, no? Shouldn't we be able to learn from one another? What is the point of your blog? As far as I can tell, you actively engage with your commentors, why then pull the plug when you have a difference of opinion? It all seem so disingenuous and totalitarian.

  2. @Sarah

    How would you react if you saw someone teaching a seven-year-old child how to smoke cigarettes?

  3. What on earth does that have to do with my question? For all of your constant accusations of "avoiding questions" that I have seen you make, you are doing the very same yourself now. Is you blog only open for comment by those that agree with you? Why do you contantly engage directly with your commenters only to pull the plug when they have a difference of opinion, then redact all of their comments? It seems disingenuous and totalitarian.

  4. If you humor me and answer my very simple question honestly, I can, much more quickly and accurately, answer ALL of yours. This is not some kind of power-play on my part. I have a detailed plan and answer that hinges on your honest answer to...

    What would you do if you saw someone teaching a seven-year-old child how to smoke cigarettes?

  5. Nice try. You moan & moan & moan about commenters not answering your questions directly yet do nothing but beat around the bush yourself. While I am not totally infavor of gay marriage, I am totally against hypocrits. You've just lost a reader. I think I'll spend my time reading opinions of people with actual integrity. Servant of Christ my a**.

  6. @Sarah

    You cannot honestly answer my question because your honest answer would collapse your case.

    You would FLIP OUT if you saw an adult teaching a child to smoke cigarettes, and call the police on that person at the very LEAST. Yet you know that if you told ME that, your defense of Lenny would collapse because of the medically proven fact that gay males are at LEAST 44-times more likely to contract aids. You know that I would have checkmated you with that medical fact!

    I didn't think you were going to give me an honest answer, because doing so would have shown YOUR hypocrisy concerning your presumed support of telling young boys that becoming a homosexual is okay when medical science has already proven that their activities create an inordinate, disproportionate amount of STDs.

    You have given me great joy today by proving my point! I blew you argument out of the water with ONE question, before you could even start, and I was already committed to answer ALL of your questions had you answered mine because, if I didn’t, I would have proven myself a liar. And, moreover, you already know that a person has to show clear evidence of dodging my questions before I give them the ultimatum of giving me a clear answer or leaving my blog.

    Lenny clearly stated that he would tell a child that homosexuality was normal. I don’t associate with a person after they tell me that. Although I will NOT be so abrupt in the future since I should have given Lenny a chance to make a last comment before banning him, I will STILL end conversations with people that prove themselves to be a danger to children.

    Lenny’s decision to tell children that homosexuality is okay, not only makes him a danger to that child, it also proves that he has NO regard for the civil rights of that child’s parents! That’s not going to fly here, on THIS blog. Nor would someone who advocated proactive violence toward gay people. Lenny has the right to start his own blog and advocate all of the child-endangering-homofascism that he wants to. Nobody, including you, is going to manipulate me into accepting their BS.

    Please feel free to comment here anytime! You have given me a great start to my weekend! :)


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