Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ex-gay Steven Bennett speaks to Joy Behar.

You can tell that this guy used to be a spotlight homosexual by how he walks over his wife's conversation as she is talking, and he makes the classic mistake of referring to homosexuality as a singular choice instead of the result of a string of choices. Also, look at how uncomfortable Ms. Behar is at the mere mention of "ex-gay."

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  1. @Lenny
    I've already covered, at, how powerful emotion causes gayness and how some homosexuals convince themselves that they were born gay. Gayness is not A choice, but the result OF choice. No one chooses to become a heroin addict, but their choiceS lead to their becoming a heroin addict. So a person can truthfully say that they did not choose to be a heroin addict while actually being a heroin addict.

    The fact that he is no longer a homosexual proves that a persons sexuality is not innate; that it can be changed. Mr. Bennett isn’t gay anymore.


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