Saturday, July 9, 2011

Will parental rights be outlawed by gays in California's Government?

Since when did a person's sexual activities become a part of teachable history? Is it important for California's schoolchildren to know what historical figures did in bed? Why do some people want children to be taught about the sexual activities of adults, outside of the normal process of where babies come from?

How is it wrong for parents to want to opt their children out of classes that teach non-reproductive sexual acts to their children? Who in their right mind would want to outlaw parental rights? Can't anti-bullying classes be taught to children without glorifying homosexuality? Are the glbt community and their worshippers so far gone that they support the trampling of the parental rights of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others that won't support the sexual activities of the gay community?

Will I ever stop asking questions and post a link to my supporting info?

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